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Medicine Seeks Naught In The World

Lovingkindness is fallen a prey to the valiant (holy) man, (for) medicine seeks naught in the world but the pain (which it should cure). 
Wherever a pain is, the remedy goes there: wherever a lowland is, the water runs there. 
 If thou want the water of mercy, go, become lowly, and then drink the wine of mercy and become drunken. 
 The Masnawi Volume 2, 1938

12 Şubat 2018 Pazartesi

How Shall He Escape From The Sea?

The water of the sea places the dead one on its head (causes him to float on the surface); but if he be living, how shall he escape from the sea?

The Masnawi, Volume 1, 2840

Husameddin Chelebi Takes Imamate

The Fruit Is The Bounty

When the blossom is shed, the fruit comes to a head: when the body is shattered, the spirit lifts up its head.
The fruit is the reality, the blossom is its form: the blossom is the good news, the fruit is the bounty (given as a reward) for it.

The Masnawi Volume 1, 2930

11 Şubat 2018 Pazar

Sweet Breath In Prayer

If thou hast not a sweet breath in prayer, go and beg a prayer from the pure (in heart).

He (God) said, “O Moses, beseech Me for protection with a mouth thou hast not sinned withal.”
Moses said, “I have not such a mouth.”
God said, “Call unto Me by the mouth of others.” When didst thou sin by the mouth of others?
Invoke (God) by the mouth of others, crying, “O God!” Act in such wise that (their) mouths may pray for thee in the nights and days.
Ask pardon by a mouth with which thou hast committed no sin—and that will be the mouth of others
Or (else) make thine own mouth pure, make thy spirit alert and nimble.
The Masnawi - Volume 3 - 180

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Let There Be Room

This earth is like a cradle for babes: it cramps the movements of grownup men. On account of the babes (who live in it)
God hath called the earth a cradle (mahd), and He hath bestowed milk on the babes in their cradle.
The house is crowded with these cradles: let the babes grow up quickly, O King!
O cradle, do not incommode the house (but let there be room), so that the grown-up man can move freely.

The Masnawi - Volume 6

23 Kasım 2017 Perşembe

Mirror Polished By The Divine

Abú Jahl saw Ahmad (Mohammed) and said, ‘’Tis an ugly figure that has sprung from the sons of Háshim!’
Ahmad said to him, ‘Thou art right, thou hast spoken truth, although thou art impertinent.’
The Siddíq (Abú Bakr) saw him and said, ‘O Sun, thou art neither of East nor of West: shine beauteously!’
Ahmad said, ‘Thou hast spoken the truth, O dear friend, O thou that hast escaped from this world of nothingness.’
They that were present said, ‘O king, why didst thou call both of them truth-tellers when they contradicted each other?’
He replied, ‘I am a mirror polished by the (Divine) hand: Turcoman and Indian behold in me that which exists (in themselves).’

The Masnawi, Volume 1, 2370

27 Eylül 2017 Çarşamba

The Test of Iblis and Adam

One mark of Adam from eternity was this, that the angels should lay their heads (on the ground) before him, because it was his place (proper to his dignity). 
Another mark was that Iblís, saying, “I am the king and chief,” should not lay down his head before him.
 But if Iblís too had become a worshipper (of Adam), he (Adam) would not have been Adam: he would have been another. 
At once the worship of every angel is the test of him, and the denial (of him) by that enemy (Iblís) is the proof of him. 
At once the acknowledgment (made) by the angels is witness for him, and the disbelief of that petty cur (Iblís) is witness for him.

The Masnawi - Vol 2, 2120

26 Eylül 2017 Salı

Lawful To The Perfect Man

To the perfect man (every) mouthful (of food) and (every) saying is lawful. 
Thou art not perfect: do not eat, be mute, Inasmuch as thou art an ear and he a tongue, not thy congener: 
God said to the ears, “Be silent.” When the sucking babe is born, at first it keeps silence for a while, it is all ear. For a while it must close its lips (and refrain) from speech, until it learns to speak; 
And if it is not (silent like) an ear but makes babbling sounds, it makes itself the dumbest creature in the world. 
He that is deaf by nature, he that had no ear at the beginning, is dumb: how should he burst into speech? 
Since, in order to speak, one must first hear, do thou come to speech by the way of hearing. 
Enter ye the houses by their doors, and seek ye the ends in their causes. There is no speech independent of the way of hearing except the speech of the Creator who is without want.

Masnawi, Volume 1, 1625.

22 Eylül 2017 Cuma

Fools Venerate The Mosque!

He (the prophet or saint) smiles upon you, (but) do not deem him to be such (as he appears): in his inward consciousness are hidden a hundred Resurrections. 
Hell and Paradise are entirely parts of him: he is beyond any thought that you may conceive (of him). 
All that you may think of is liable to pass away; he that comes not into thought is God. Wherefore (then do they behave with) presumption at the door of this house, if they know who is within the house? 
Fools venerate the mosque and endeavour to destroy them that have the heart (in which God dwells). 
That (mosque) is phenomenal, this (heart) is real, O asses! The (true) mosque is naught but the hearts of the (spiritual) captains. 
The mosque that is the inward (consciousness) of the saints is the place of worship for all: God is there. 
The Masnawi - Volume 2, 3105

20 Eylül 2017 Çarşamba

Move After Move

The external form is for the sake of the unseen form; and that took shape for the sake of another unseen (form). Count up these corollaries to the third, fourth, or tenth in proportion to (your) insight. As (for example) the moves in chess, O son: behold the result of each move in the next one. They made this (move) for the sake of that concealed move, and that for the next, and that (again) for such and such. Even so (proceed), having perceived reasons within reasons, one after the other, in order that you may arrive at victory and checkmate. The first is for the sake of the second, like mounting on the steps of a ladder; And deem the second to be for the sake of the third, (and so on) to the end, in order that you may arrive, step by step, at the roof.
The Masnawi - Volume 4, 2887

20 Şubat 2017 Pazartesi

Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s Asrar-e-Khudi

O You Who Are the soul in the body of the universe
You Are our soul but You Are ever Fleeing from us
You Breath music into Life's lute
Life envies death when death is for Your sake
Hide not Your Fair Face from the empty-handed!
Sell cheap the love of Salman and Bilal! We are travelers: Grant us submission (unto You) as our destination!
Give us the strength of Abraham’s faith!

When the people of God let the thread of unity go from their hands
They fell into a hundred mazes
(Today) We are dispersed like stars in the world
Of the same family, but strangers to each another
Bind again these scattered leaves!
Revive (Refresh) the law of everlasting love!
Free this love from the yoke of false deities
Unravel the mysteries of your Oneness (Tauheed)

I who burn like a candle for the sake of others
O God! Teach myself to weep like that candle
To shed a tear that is heart-enkindling
Passionful, wrung forth by pain, peace consuming
If I sow it in the garden, it should grow into a fire..
And wash away the fire-brand from the tulip's robe!
My heart is with yesterday, my eye is on
To-morrow In the midst of this assembly I am all alone

"Every one fancies he is my friend
But none ever sought the secrets within my soul"
Oh, where in the wide world is my comrade?
I am the Bush of Sinai: where is my Moses?

My eye fell to weeping, like dew
Since I was entrusted with that hidden fire
I taught the candle to burn openly
While I myself burnt unseen by the world's eye
(But) It is not easy for the candle to throb alone
Ah! Is there not a single moth worthy of my flame?
Alas! The breast of this age is without a heart
Majnun quivers with pain because Layla's howdah is empty

I beg of Your Grace (O Lord) a sympathising comrade!
A comrade who is adept in the mysteries of my nature
A comrade endowed with madness and wisdom
Unaware of the cares and worries of everyday life
That I may confide my lament to his soul
And see again my face in his heart
His image I will mould of mine own clay
I will be to him both idol and worshipper
 I am waiting for the votaries that rise at dawn
Blessed are they who shall worship my fire!

I have no need of the ear of To-day (For)
I am the voice of the poet of To-morrow

English translation: RA Nicholson, Cambridge, 1915

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To You The Prison For Me The Garden

The Prophet said, ‘My eyes sleep, (but) my heart is not asleep to the Lord of created beings.’
Your eyes are awake, and your heart is sunk in slumber; my eyes are asleep, (but) my heart is in (contemplation of) the opening of the door (of Divine grace).
My heart hath five senses other (than the physical): both the worlds (external and spiritual) are the stage (theatre) for the senses of the heart. Do not regard me from (the standpoint of) your infirmity: to you ’tis night, to me that same night is morningtide. To you ’tis prison, to me that prison is like a garden: to me the most absolute state of occupation (with the world) has become (a state of spiritual) freedom. Your feet are in the mud; to me the mud has become roses. You have mourning; I have feasting and drums.
(Whilst) I am dwelling with you in some place on the earth, I am coursing over the seventh sphere (of Heaven), like Saturn. ’Tis not I that am seated beside you, ’tis my shadow: my rank is higher than (the reach of) thoughts, Because I have passed beyond (all) thoughts, and have become a swift traveler outside (the region of) thought. I am the ruler of thought, not ruled (by it), because the builder is ruler over the building. All creatures are subjugated to thought; for that reason they are sore in heart and practised in sorrow.
I yield myself to thought purposely, (but) when I will I spring up from the midst of them (that are under its sway). I am as a bird of the zenith, thought is a gnat: how should a gnat have power over me? Purposely I come down from the lofty zenith, that those of base degree may attain to me. When disgust at the qualities of the low (world) seizes me, I soar up like the birds which spread their pinions.
My wings have grown out of my very essence: I do not stick two wings on with glue.
The Masnawi Vol 2 3550

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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Rumi

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Rumi

Among Branches

Interior Of The Interior

There is an interior of Qu’ran, and there is an interior of the interior. This goes down to seventh interior.(Hadith) There are seven interiors of Qu’ran, the interpretation of the scholars and saints could only reach to the fourth level. They couldn’t tell us more than that. Nevertheless this doesn’t mean that saints couldn’t reach to the seventh level. The did and they even went further. But they could only fit the meaning of this forth level into words and sentences.

 Maarif (Education) by Sultan Walad

Translated by Aslı D.

7 Şubat 2017 Salı

Break The Egg

Whether it is sparrow or phoenix, it breaks the egg and opens wings towards the sky, When the child fills nine months in mother’s womb, he goes out, gets rid of pressure and sadness, If he doesn’t go out, know that he has died in mother’s womb or assume that he didn’t come to mother’s womb, It is like the wind coming from the liver; they deemed the wind child, If it was child, it would appear nicely, arise in this world from mother’s womb, and come forward to this great universe, the world which is embellished with earth and sky, Mountains and plains of the world are innumerable; its waters and seas are without coasts; If you are pregnant of those divine lights, take your head out from the world of darkness, Oh, the one who has been seeking, rise from the body resembling Mary without a father like Jesus, Come to yourself and if you are from that mine, don’t remain at your own entity, self; if you are soul, don’t give your heart to this body, If playing in mother’s womb is because of love, do not scatter like the wind, this is not a meaningless playing, Go out from the worldly body once again and walk towards the world of mind and soul…

Sultan Walad – İbtidaname

Translated by Burak Ülker

18 Ocak 2017 Çarşamba

Become Empty

Any means that takes you to God is true and from God. Protecting this outer entity is sinful, because duality is infidelity. When a human gets rid of his/her own entity, disappears in God and sees God, he/she becomes God. Both haughtiness and humbleness of saints of God are wholly from God. The probability of something to be good or evil requires whether it is suitable for the consent of God. However, every action of a person who has got rid of his/her entity and self, become empty completely and been filled with God is suitable for the consent of God; because any action that occurs is indeed from God. One who separates them as good or evil becomes unbeliever.

Maarif – Sultan Veled

Translated by Aslı D.

From The Fury To The Beauty

Seas Became Ink

Zahid Bizi Taneyleme

One Day Of A Dervish

Three Dates

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Removing The Kaaba From Circle

He commands prayer toward the kiblah. Wherever you may be, you must pray toward the kiblah. Suppose that the world's horizons were all brought together, and everyone formed circles around the Kaaba and prostrated themselves. When you remove the Kaaba from the midst of the circle, wouldn't everyone be prostrating himself toward everyone else? They will have prostrated themselves to their own hearts...  - Shams

Me & Rumi - Autobiography of Shams-i Tebrizî - My Path To God - Following Muhammad - 84

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You Will Head Your Way To What You Love

Intelligence For 5 Liras

Disappearing in God

Any means that takes you to God is true and from God. Protecting this outer entity is sinful, because duality is infidelity. When a human gets rid of his/her own entity, disappears in God and sees God, he/she becomes God. Both haughtiness and humbleness of saints of God are wholly from God. The probability of something to be good or evil requires whether it is suitable for the consent of God. However, every action of a person who has got rid of his/her entity and self, become empty completely and been filled with God is suitable for the consent of God; because any action that occurs is indeed from God. One who separates them as good or evil becomes unbeliever.

Maarif – Sultan Veled

23 Ekim 2016 Pazar

The Friends Of God Are Under My Domes

To recognize The Almighty God is easier than to recognize the saints, because The Almighty God is more apparent than the Sun. As we state, they know and recognize each person with his talent, his art. And they know that all universe is the art of God, how can this be a secret? Moreover seventy two nations profess that He is the God but it is not easy to recognize saints, because their talent and art is secret like themselves. “The friends of God are under my domes, noone but me can recognize them.
Sultan Walad